Evamaria Brigitta Kaiser

"Experience has taught me that the knowledge about effective use of technology and appropriate software has the capacity to optimize organization processes, fosters communication and takes collaboration to the next level."

As a certified primary school teacher holding a BA degree in Education from Switzerland with additional working experience in Liechtenstein, Italy, and Singapore, I can also draw from intercultural experiences that I have made in South Africa, where I have lived during my studies. These experiences provide me with a deep understanding and skillset in various modes of learning and working. This is extremely valuable in projects with regards to organization development where the culture of an organization can be optimized through change management to meet the needs of the hour. This also facilitates the institutionalisation of health management. 

I have completed my MA studies at the University of Leeds in "Technology, Education, and Learning". My experiences as an educational technologist and media coach as well as a project coordinator build the foundation of my entrepreneurship. 
During my studies and work, I have lived in various countries around the globe. Experiencing work cultures in different roles have taught me to always be open-minded, flexible, future-oriented, and value-based. I get the opportunity to engage in multiple ways and look at the education system from different perspectives. As an entrepreneur, I also get the chance to design the interface: The customer at the centre. 

Medienstimmreich GmbH has been established to facilitate drawing from the full potential - through networking and team spirit, to together master today's challenges for a better tomorrow. Media and technology are used to evaluate competencies, and develop them further to foster dynamic communication. This is how we develop a digital culture:  combining digital and analog elements harmoniously with the most suitable and, if required, custom-made software.

Medienstimmreich is based on the philosophy of the NGO just1smile which is registered in Liechtenstein. We aim to support people with future-oriented ideas, connect them to like-minded and provide a roof to engage in innovative projects. 


  • 2016 - 2018: Master of Arts in Technology, Education and Learning, University of Leeds (UK)
  • 2011 - 2014: Bachelor of Arts in Education, Elementary School Teacher Diploma, Teachers' University Lucerne (CH)


  • 2021: ISTE Certification (International Standards for Technology in Education), 21st Century Learning Singapore, (SG & CH) 
  • 2021: Leadership course in fostering motivation and resolving resistance (St. Pölten, AT)
  • 2021: WELS (World Education Leadership Symposium), Teachers' University Zug (CH)
  • 2020: Social Media Marketing, BFI of the AK Vorarlberg (AT)
  • 2020: Founder-Training, WIFI WKO Vorarlberg (AT)
  • 2017: Module Diagnostics- and Planning PSS, HfH Zurich (CH)
  • 2017: Digital Literacy for the Teaching and Learning of Langauges, ECML Graz (AT)
  • 2016: Action Research Communities for Language Teachers, ECML Graz (AT)
  • 2014: Specialised studies in Drama Pedagogy, Teachers' University Lucerne (CH)
  • 2013: Orff Schulwerk Course 1, Redhill School Johannesburg, South Africa (SA)
  • 2012 & 2014: International School Music Weeks, Rinderer Symposium, Salzburg (AT)

2010: TESL Course TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), LSC Toronto (CA)

Further mandates

Completed mandates

  • Honorary Advisor EU Project FITDDJI : Fit for european practicing youthwork : let's design participation - digital/diverse/hybrid 
  • President NGO just1smile (e.V. in FL)

Erasmus+ Project

Broadening the Recognition Ecosystem in VET with Micro-Credentials

Organised Trainings

  • 17th-18th April 2019, SCHILF (teacher's training)

       As per the request of the 
       Education Department Liechtenstein as well as the primary
       school Triesen: Implementation and planning 
       days to reinforce the novel curriculum LiLe
       (Liechtenstein curriculum) 

  • 2021 - 2022: Monthly ThinkTank EduPotLuck: Informal professional meetings - "Values to reinforce future skills"

Study on the role of DigiNet -

Can it bridge the digital divide?


During a social internship in South India ten years ago I, Evamaria, have realized that I want to enable access to education to increase equity for learners and employees, anytime, anywhere.

This is the reason why I became a teacher, educational technologist, school principal and participated in self-funded studies to develop learning materials for that sake. Often I was misunderstood, questioned and asked why I engage in content development after school hours. I am simply fond of education and know it is the source of self-realisation, wellbeing and happiness. This is what I have learned in India, where creation is a cultural value, where dreams come alive by being creative and using what is available. We do not need a lot. Especially the 4Cs (Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical thinking) are vital in 21st century learning, working and living.

The logo the lotos flower is an ancient Indian symbol that stands for learning and knowledge. More about it in Philosophy.

Like-minded joining our set-up of the international platform with self-paced learning content through all age levels with guides available for support is sufficient and I know: together with the local communities, it works! I’m confident this works out well. Children and actually all learners inquire and need the opportunity to expand and grow.

Together with our partner just1smile, Open Source and an international network of coaches, we want to realise this vision of time and location independent learning and working.  

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We want to enable access to quality education: anytime, anywhere. 

We take light towers and innovative models as measures that support our future-oriented way of work.

We value interdisciplinary work to approach tasks holistically.

Medienstimmreich has established based on the philosophy on the NGO just1smile which is registered in Liechtenstein. We connect with people that have future-oriented ideas and provide a roof for innovative projects.