Work with Medienstimmreich

How are you able to learn and work best?
Which opportunities do you have? Is there untapped potential?
Are you looking for an experienced team leader, (media) coach and the ability to recognise untapped potential, foster the same and facilitate the way to the top of the mountain?

Software Design throgh Co-Creation

Software design based on Design Thinking - What is that?
We co-create the software your institution requires to facilitate work processes and enhance your work culture: Working can be as enjoyable as watching a sunrise.


Do you or does your study group need support in gaining a skillset of learning strategies?
Are you looking for options to realise your idea?

English or German? 

Do you need a German or an Englisch-Booster? 
Are you interested in a language and culture deep dive with like-minded?
Would you like to feel more comfortable using English in business meetings or while travelling?

Whether you are a beginner or reaching the top of the mountain, we accompany individuals and groups.

We work according to the ISTE Standards (International Standards for Technology in Education), apply the CELTA Cambridge Methodology as well as international concepts for 21st Century Learning, in which not only the 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity) play a crucial role.  


This is a place where learners can practise their use of language by sharing ideas. Would you like to engage? We are looking forward to hearing from you.

The New Normal

The digital age has arrived: Time to get familiar with the new era of learning, working and living.

Families, schools and companies are facing challenges and at the same time, various new opportunities. So, it is about much more than just buying devices: It is about developing a shared vision and attitude to establish a digital culture. Medienstimmreich supports committees in (educational) institutions, companies, school principals, teachers and individuals through:

Vision establishment

with different coaching tools

Consultancy and process support

for (media) projects, culture and team building


with Social Media

Project work

to set up an action plan, coordinate and take over tasks or facilitate tie ups with potential partners

We do not provide technical support.

Menu for schools

 Project coordination

International exchange projects, Erasmus+

Custom-made School and Learning Management Software 

Deceleration and simplification:

Design your own school's future independent of data giants: Cost effective, curriculum-based, educationstrategy-oriented, efficient and resource-saving. Medienstimmreich facilitates the same with partner companies and universitites. 

A custom-made school App is also possible.

Accompaniment of principals/ Sparring partner

  • Individual


  • Vision establishment
  • Advisory and process facilitation
  • Project work
  • Planning of (informal) trainings 
  • Best Practice- exchange 
  • Introduction digital on- and offline library (database with learning materials)
  • Introduction and accompaniment problem- and project-based learning
  • Community for school development topics: Designing of informal and non-formal learning areas
  • Research (Composition of age mixed learning models, country juxtapositioning in …) 

Accompaniment of teams

  • School development Workshops/ Webinars; How to ... Tutorials (Podcast, Filmclip, …)
  • Content Creation
  • Practical support for lessons/ Project work/ Lesson preparation
  • Support for parent nights
  • Planning of project weeks
  • Planning of school curriculum
  • Unconference
  • Keynote with Workshop 

Digital connector

Connection to schools, universities and societies globally


  • With Social Media and Newspaper Articles
  • Podcast
  • Podium discussions

This is an Open Source collection of materials to facilitate learning and working.

ThinkTank EduPotLuck

This online offer is free of charge and connects all other offers.

Are you looking for an opportunity to informally engage with experts that work in education and its interface?

Would you like to talk English to native language speakers in a friendly atmosphere?
Are you interested in learning how people deal with similar challenges abroad to together develop solutions?
Are you looking for a network that has common goals, initiates and realises projects together?

You are very welcome to join our monthly ThinkTank-meeting EduPotLuck !

Register by sending an email to: [email protected]

We are also happy to receive topic proposals.

Tune in to the EduPotLuck.

Presentations of Keynote Speakers.

Networking platform

This platform provides a collaboration space where you can enter project ideas and call to action. Like-minded can join. Send us a request to join.


Are you looking for a presenter at your event? 
Wheter it is a festive presentation, an opening act or an event programme facilitation: We speak to the respective audience.

Compositions or song covers

Research office

Would you like to inquire about something?
Do you need a collocation of information? 

We are looking forward to hearing about the research mandate.

Editorial & Proofreading

Are you about to give a speech, submit a paper or a thesis and you would like to have it edited and proofread? 

Custom-made gifts

Would you like to surprise someone with a personal gift?
Based on the provided background information, you shall receive a poem or a song text to the favourite song of the person you wish to surprise. 


Would you like to spread joy by gifting:

  • Language classes (single or group training)
  • Consulting 
  • Coaching
  • Editorial and Proofreading

Do not hesitate to approach us with your inquiry.

Work insights

Honorary advisor in the project FITDDJI: Fit for digital youth work, 2022

Project members: aha Liechtenstein, aha Austria, Youth Trust Baden-Württemberg, Institute for Democracy Education Belgium

What clients say about us

Research office

Rahel Tschopp, Denkreise GmbH, Davos-Glaris (Switzerland)

Evamaria Brigitta Kaiser has completed my research task absolutely reliably and exactly. Evamaria has regularly informed me about the status of work and provided constructive incitations. I would engage her again anytime.

Editorial & Proofreading

Katharina Link, Mentalcoach, Schaan, Liechtenstein

I always like to request Evamaria to edit and proofread my thesis'. She works quickly, precisely and reliably. Moreover, she provides feedback according to the criteria and supports me in improving my scientific writing style. I am happy because thanks to Evamaria I feel confident when handing in a thesis. Whoever looks for custom-made and outstanding services is just right with Medienstimmreich. 


Niccolò La Maida, grade 2, Mauren (Liechtenstein)
I am enjoying the playful reading sessions, they are cool and I am having fun! Within a month I could already improve my reading skills. I am always looking forward to reading with Ms Kaiser. 

Alena Chilian-Heeb, Sustainable Resource Manager (Indiana, Liechtenstein) 
Evamaria is a lovely, fun, and passionate German teacher! My classes with her were full of games and conversations in German, as well as lessons tailored to my German-learning needs. Additionally, there were various, customized online exercises every week to help me intensify my studying and improve my German.  I learned a lot and really enjoyed my sessions with Evamaria.


Claudia Asciano, Legal Advisor Ubi Banca Bergamo, Italy
I can confidently say that Evamaria has changed my life. She is not only a good trainer but she has also got the certain something that makes her special. She is inspiring, empathetic and understanding. She also knows how to approach people - she respects their qualities, weaknesses and strengthens them.

Roxanne Lloyd, English- and Drama teacher, Johannesburg, SA

For more than eight years, just from when we have met, I notice how Evamaria continuously educates herself further and supports other people to rise and prosper. Everything she does aims to refine and develop methodologies further to create stimulating learning environments for strong results. Evamaria motivates and inspires me to use whatever is available creatively so I can support my learners to flourish.  

Amalia Koundourakis-Soares, Director of Studies, GTLS Mississauga, ON, Kanada

Evamaria is incredibly compassionate and very skillful when it comes to coaching and supporting others to reach their fullest potential. She was right with what she told me (and what I needed to hear). She is incredible!